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设计自己事情室前认真问了问自己:Before designing , I seriously asked myself想要给志同道合的同伴和客户怎样的情况?...

本文摘要:设计自己事情室前认真问了问自己:Before designing , I seriously asked myself想要给志同道合的同伴和客户怎样的情况?


设计自己事情室前认真问了问自己:Before designing , I seriously asked myself想要给志同道合的同伴和客户怎样的情况?What kind of environment do I want ?M INTERIOR SPACE DESIGN犹记得我们第一间事情室,Remember our first studio,其实是自家信房,It's actually my own study,十几年来一直在沉淀,More than a decade,不停地努力和发展,Constantly striving and growing,今年我们拥有了真正的事情室,This year we have a real studio,空间不大,可是我们很开心!There wasn't much space, but we were happy!如何把事情和生活举行合理区分?How to make a distinction between work and life?相信对于许多我这样的设计者而言,I believe that for many designers like me,设计这份事情早已深深融入生活,Designing a job is deeply embedded in life,因为我们认为,Because we think,设计是世间最优美的差事。Design is the best job in the world.◀设计思路▶回到最初的思考——M空间设计事情室,想给志同道合的同伴和客户怎样的情况?Back to the original thinking M space design studio, want to give like-minded partners and customers what kind of environment?我以为是一个既能资助志同道合的同伴们寻求高效事情效益的地方,又能给同伴们和客户们理想舒适气氛的情况。我们的设计,必须为办公的自由事情者、追求灵感的艺术事情者,提供具有艺术气质的空间,让其在繁琐事务中也能感知心田的平静。

In my opinion, it is a place that can not only help like-minded partners to seek efficient working efficiency, but also provide an ideal comfortable environment for partners and customers. Our design must provide a space with artistic temperament for office freelancers and artists who pursue inspiration, so that they can feel inner peace in complicated affairs.空间在设计下变得通透,出现多功效组合方式,以横竖线条为主要组成的简约空间,转达出年轻、活力的气质。空间之间互动感强,相互交织,相互呼应,水吧可以负担非正式集会,或举行小型沙龙。所有设计,皆在平静而有力地缔造小户型的新价值——高品质大格式,这是对生活最为细腻隧道的回应。The space becomes transparent under the design, with the horizontal and vertical lines. The Spaces have a strong sense of interaction, and the water bar can undertake informal meetings or host small salons. All the design, are calm and powerful to create small family new value -- high quality pattern, this is the most delicate and authentic response to life.我们的设计源于居家生活的状态,源于对恬静惬意优美生活的憧憬,这些心动和憧憬,不会因为事情的忙碌而停止。

看窗外蓝天洁净的白云,听办公室的愉悦的音乐,这里时间的流淌好像变得可控,舒适的办公情况中,能感受生活的真谛。Our design originates from the state of life at home, from the yearning for a quiet and pleasant life, these hearts and yearning. Look out the window blue sky clean white clouds, here the flow of time seems to become controllable, comfortable office environment, can feel the true meaning of life.玻璃砖的橱窗,长虹玻璃的大门,复古别致的壁灯,带来雅致的高级感,若不是悬浮式的事情室logo,任谁都市以为这是一家高等咖啡厅或者一间高级公寓,哪怕只是急忙途经,。





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